Pinebook Pro for sale
Could never get it working despite all the forum posts and tutorials and manuals and experimenting plus many frustrating hours trying to get useful software installed. Manjaro is a PIG and unresolved dependencies are the order of the day for anything useful.

Make me an offer. I can't boot to anything to clean the storage for you. It is completely and totally AS-IS.
I had it open but the so-called emmc enable is not a switch on this unit but merely a blank square sticking out of the PC board. No slide, no toggle, just bare white surface. This is entirely useless to me but may provide spare parts for someone more clever than a career electrical engineer and software architect. I can't use this.

Hello, if you re selling it for parts and you are in Europe or nearby, i am interested please, send me pm

Hello, if you re selling it for parts and you are in Europe or nearby, i am interested please, send me pm

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