Broken bottom case of PineBook 14
I have a PineBook14 forgotten in a cabinet, which could work quite well, but is actually unusable because of broken case. Screwset fixing screen hinges to the bottom case are all broken, so it is very hard to open it and keep in position.

I would really like to restore it in some way. Few years ago I asked to the support if it is possible to get the spare, but it was't. Now I asked to the sales, and I am waiting for an answer.

Anyone with the same problem have found an alternative solution?

PS: I am quite happy of this device, even if, with hindsight, I would have been taken the 11 version! If anyone have one to sell, I would evaluate this choice.
Since the spare parts seem to be not available anymore, I tried to fix hinges someway, but I broke the display cable, where it connects to the motherboard, in a way I am not able to repair it.
Thus I can just get rid of the whole thing.

Thanks all for the help you gave in the past, and good luck with your devices!

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