Phone shuts down unexpectedly
Hey Everyone! 

I hope you are well. I have a Pinephone Pro that I have been using for a daily driver the last few months. It has been running Manjaro Phosh stable edition. There was a massive update a few days ago though and since then the phone says that the battery is empty and shuts down when the battery indicator reaches about 70%. I tried reinstalling the Manjaro Phosh and using different batteries but nothing seems to work. 

I haven't been able to find any mention of others having this issue but it is still fairly new to me. Not sure if I am missing some sort of config either. Has anyone come across this before? Any ideas how one might fix it?  Huh

I appreciate all help in this matter. 


Have you tried a different OS to see if the problem remains?
(12-18-2022, 11:22 AM)Fish Wrote: Have you tried a different OS to see if the problem remains?


I spent much of yesterday doing this. From what I can see the issue only seems to be with the stable version of Manjaro/Phosh. I tried Mobian, Majaro/Plasma, Arch and Manjaro/Phosh(Dev) and they all seem to be working fine. Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it.  Smile
I am glad to see it seems to be a software problem rather then a hardware problem Smile

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