manjoro, it turns off when I close the lid

I notice when I run Armbian on Pinebook Pro,  if I'm playing Youtube music and I close the lid, I can still hear the music, I  prefer this.

For Manjaro  KDE I have installed on EMMC right now  when I close the lid,  it seems to shut off.  no music nothing. then when I open the lid,  it does not come back on, i have to press the power button several times to power it back on.

Does anyone know a way I could make manjaro like Armbian where closing the lid does not turn it off? 
To be clear, I don't want it to go to sleep or to shut off. I am testing the speakers and want to be able to Close the lid fully and it still plays music/youtube. This was possible when I had Armbian for PBP installed just normally. but Manjaro behaves differently.

If you are running KDE,,, systemsettings5
power -> ignore lid switch ,,, this is essential if magnet is misplaced, as so may early ones were
if running xfce, sorry can't help, don't know program
I figured it out after I poked around in settings. In Manjaro KDE , I went into System Settings -> Power Management - >
Button events handling -> When laptop lid closed -> pick "Do Nothing"

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