Most stable Pinephone OS
(11-28-2022, 11:50 AM)karcdaeh Wrote: Is there any OS that is actually working and stable? I am going down the list installing every OS but there's always a problem to be found, some more than others but none of them work enough to make the device live up to it's name - the Pine "Phone".

If anyone has had any luck with an OS please let me know. I have installed more than half the available OS's and am on the precipice of giving up.


A useful thread thanks. I’ve only had my PinePhone a short while, but like @karcdaeh  I have tried many of the OS. It came with Manjaro (Plasma?) pre-installed but was unusable. It crashed every few minutes or just went so dark that I couldn’t use it.

Next I tried various OS from the multiboot distro and found Mobian the closest to a working OS so installed Mobian 20221120 but couldn’t get it to do very much so then I installed 20220116 which worked much better, but as I missed several texts and ‘phone calls decided that wasn’t for me.

Also, I had to restart Mobian to be sure of receiving calls, if only for a while, especially if I moved out of my home wifi and switched to the mobile network, for the internet. I then had to restart my ‘phone and ensure that I had selected the correct APN, having previously typed in the details. It always seemed to want to revert to the APN for some reason.

I tried UBPorts as I had a Nexus5 ‘phone that I’ve used for some time with UBPorts that has worked well, but the PinePhone doesn’t want to receive the internet when away from wifi, even if I restart it and type in the correct APN.

Reading this thread, I’m trying Arch Posh again (20220729) but am surprised that I’m hitting some of the same issues as with Mobian. I'm assuming that they are "Posh" issues. Now that I know about having to type in the correct APN and restart the phone if I go from wifi to network, for the internet, and vice versa, I’ll persevere with this for a while. The phone works sending and receiving calls but will only send texts not receive them. ... and so, like @karcdaeh my search continues and knowledge increases.

EDIT: Texting works fine - I had entered instead of in the APN settings. Doh!
PinePhone Beta 2GB/16GB Postmarket OS v23.06.1 Phosh 0.30.0

PineTab2 Arch Danctnix 6.4.2

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