Survey on Pinecil Tips, Please fill out
Please fill out this short Survey on Pinecil Tips and 4-packs.
  • Due to the huge response to the reddit post about changing the Pinecil included default tip, a few of us made this Survey to gather community feedback. We want to give the Pine64 Store data so they know this is not the opinion of just a couple people, and to get a general idea of what works better for more people. There are many posts discussing the default included tip, but nothing to get the real numbers on which tip is the one everyone ends up buying and using daily with their Pinecil.

Maybe there will be no changes even after we present the survey results, but at least we will have the undeniable data on the Pinecil tips and can then ask the Pine Store to look at some options to make more people happier.  It would be better to send out a tip that most people can use at least some of the time or most of the time so let's find out what that tip is.
Getting a tip that ends up sitting in a box unused for years is just more e-waste and not good for Pinecil reputation, not good for the earth, and not good for the wallet.

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