Pinecil authenticity checker just reports "Invalid data": What does it mean?

I want to check the authenticity of my just received Pinecil V2 via the Pinecil authenticity checker.

When I insert ID and serial number, the authenticity checker just says "Invalid data".

What does this mean?

Not authentic, authenticity checker broken, wrong format of data?

In total, the Serial Number I have entered has 16 hexadecimal digits, and the ID has 8 hexadecimal digits.

I ordered my pinecil directly from

Attached a screenshot.


Contact Pinecil Support.
Do you mean you bought from ? Store is at

Also try to join Pinecil live chat where there are volunteers. Live volunteer active channel is in discord but has bridge to other comms too. many of the active volunteers don't really check these forums, it is a fluke I happen to be in here today looking for something else.
Links to join live Pine64/pincil chat is in Pinecil Wiki Pages.

I suggest letting Gamiee know about it in discord as he wrote the checker. When you join the discord, you can send message to gamiee or pm

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