Resume from suspend not working after flashing Tow-Boot to SPI
> If I have to, how would I go about flashing the SPI to what was there before?
AFAIK,, from the factory, pbp SPI is blank
install mtd-utils OR there are, IIRR, 2 other programs to write nor flash
Just what kind of suspend? there is ordinary S2,, S2ram (STR, S3) and hibernate
I have not heard anyone make hibernate work
ordinary S2 is barely better than screen blanking
S3ram is quite good, but there are 5 !!! caveats
no nvme,,, 5.7 or 5.8 manjaro kernel,,, a working uboot (with s2ram capability),
setting in sleep.conf,, settings in systemsettings5, power
I have had the failure to wake lots, trying to see if a distro supported s3ram, I have no answer
Only 2 or 3 distros will do s3ram, FWIW.... If you know more, please post
BTW, to wake from STR, a quick tap on pwr button, everything else (but lid magnet sensor) is dead
If lid magnet is misplaced, as so many are, you have to either turn if off or move it (the magnet)

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