Sound completely gone with Mobian in Phone Call configuration
Since a few weeks I have problems again with call audio in Mobian. I don't use my PPP for calls often so I cannot say when the problem started.

In the settings app the sound test works fine in the "Default" configuration but fails to play any sound when set to "Phone call".

I have flashed the current weekly image and had the same problem there. So no funny configs on my side I guess.
Also I tried restarting pulseaudio, pipewire etc. as was mentioned in other threads.
OK the latest version works now.
Should have tested actually calling someone. The test in the settings app fails but calling works.
That is good to hear.

Are you getting good quality sound?  And if so are you changing any settings to get it?  My sound quality is poor for sound going out from the phone.

I am using mobian, the latest release with an apt-get upgrade.

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