Porting Arduino project advice
I have an Arduino project that decodes some GPIO bus signals.  It uses very specific timing, and since the Arduino has no kernel, it won't get preempted.

I would like to port it to the Pine, or add the functionality of the Pine to the project because the Adruino can't do SSL, it can't really make a nice Web interface either.

Can I rewrite the source to use something like python GPIO and achieve the same results, or will pre-empting skew up the timings?  The baud rate is very low, it can be adjusted from 12v to 3.3v with a regulator and the lag on the rising / falling regulator doesn't mess up the timings.

Would it be easier to keep the bus decoding on Arduino and communicate with the Pine via SPI or something like that?

Arduino project for reference:

I have constraints similar to this SO question:

I have to listen and respond to lines being driven low for approximately 10ms.

So, it seems like keeping the Arduino is the way to go ... ?

Are the issues in the SO question common amongst ARM dev boards?

Do the answers make sense to anyone?
hi, we met briefly on the irc today;

I would reiterate here that combining the pyboard (to handle the timings) and the PineA64 to handle analytics (ssl and the cool web interface) is a really good idea.

MicroPython (pyboard) is Python3 running on the bare metal... it will handle all your timings brilliantly (no pre-empting) and its tiny; it makes a great addition to the PineA64 (or RPi) and frankly, it spins circles around the Arduino. You can program it on-board (with python) and you can expand its storage with SD cards (I have 1 and 4 GB cards with mine).

Your Pine can talk to it via serial, or GPIO; by the by... it has six uart ports on the GPIO pins, and a usb port that does double duty as mass storage device and console REPL... the repl can also be mapped to any of the uart ports for use with a debug cable (PL2303).

It can be powered off the 5v rail , and the system logically is a 3v3 system; so its more compatible with the PI or Pine electrically; but be careful... double check and measure everything-- use level shifters if necessary.


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