PD-EPR support and power rating over USB
Hello, I have a Pinecil V2 in the mail and am thinking about ordering a new power bank that can power it to its full potential. The product page lists the maximum draw at 20v 3A, but the official wiki page lists 28V as the maximum input voltage and 88w being the corresponding wattage for USB, with EPR being required to get over 60w. I was just wondering which one of these I should trust, and if EPR is supported now or was planned to be included in a future firmware update? And it it is or will be supported, why isn't that power supported over the barrel plug? Basically I wanna know what specs I need on my power supply to get the full power output, and preferably over USB, but I would like to know if I can pump 28v to the barrel jack too. Thanks for y'all's time!
Most of the big volunteers on Pinecil hang out in the live chat, link to community chat is in Pinecil wiki page https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Pinecil
In Wiki go to Power section and also the Batch notes: https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Pinecil#Pow..._and_Watts

There is also this post on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/PINE64official/...il_owners/

Highly recommend joining the live community chat. I'm a volunteer and I never come to forums as it's a bit dead, I just happen to be here today randomly. the real active live support volunteers are in discord (can also join by telegram bridge see wiki details).

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