keyboard case charging but not typing
(01-02-2023, 12:54 PM)dachalife Wrote: Sometimes you have to shim the pins a bit, I just used a piece of folded paper & a dental pick to help slide it in; that has worked for close to a year./ Updates can break things too.

Also, kb151 needs to be loaded, here’s an old link for review :

(The kbc is working with fine on Mobian with kernel 5.15-sunxi64)

In my case, the keyboard always worked without raising the POGO pad. But I tried right now to add thick paper under the POGO pad, and unfortunately it didn't help. Tightening the screws of the phone frame didn't help either.

I'm on postmarketOS, which uses the `pinephone-keyboard` driver, already in the Linux kernel. It has worked great until a few days ago, when the keyboard stopped working all of a sudden. The phone had lost power completely, I tried to reboot (booted partially, keyboard working), then died again. I then detached the phone, charged it partially and next time I attached the keyboard case, it wasn't working anymore.

Now `dmesg | grep keyboard` only says this:
pinephone-keyboard 2-0015: Keyboard was not found on the I2C bus, maybe it's disconnected.

Leaving the keyboard to charge overnight didn't revive it. Of course, the phone is charged by the keyboard, and the button that turns charging on and off works well. The keys themselves however do nothing.

I'm now trying to make the phone discharge completely again (including the keyboard's battery), hoping to reset the internal MCU of the keyboard somehow.

Could you please show the output of `i2cdetect -l` on your phone?

On my phone, it says
i2c-0   unknown         mv64xxx_i2c adapter                     N/A
i2c-1   unknown         mv64xxx_i2c adapter                     N/A
i2c-2   unknown         mv64xxx_i2c adapter                     N/A
i2c-3   unknown         DesignWare HDMI                         N/A
i2c-4   unknown         i2c-csi                                 N/A
i2c-5   unknown         i2c-1-mux (chan_id 0)                   N/A
and I'm not sure if the keyboard is supposed to appear on this list or not.

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