Concerns about Linux future
(10-03-2022, 01:24 PM)zetabeta Wrote: i know that linux kernel development has some corporate backers. the most problematic could be google, google has fuchsia os, i still believe that fuchsia kernel will replace android kernel eventually, at that point there is no linux in android. in the end, google wants more control of devices, fuchsia licenses are more lax.

microsoft may not be that bad, because microsoft is more like cloud company and uses multiple platforms. windows os is not primary product for ms anymore.

i don't think libreoffice is only open source project to charge something from users. i don't remember which, but some project had free version and premium version for additional support and/or cloud services. however, apple takes 30% cut from those app purchases, so are buyers of libreoffice supporting apple or libreoffice project.

edit: typos: fuchsia

That's kinda' my point Zeta in that strange partners could arise in these changing times. Whether Linux community application developers charge or not is one thing but I find the strange liaisons occurring that 'might not be' advantageous to Linux users such as myself. We seek elements of security and that security may be up for grabs depending on liaison involved. All that I am pointing out is perhaps ensure one's stuff is always backed up and always be ready to be offline as this is a distinct possibility in the next several years. A phone could be the only form of comms maybe.

(10-03-2022, 03:42 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: You are free to stop updating any time.  I still actively use an Amiga; nothing gets updated and all the productivity software I bought 25 years ago works the same as it did then.  I run NetBSD on my PBP, for many reasons, not the least of which is that it doesn't require daily updates like the Linux distrus I use elsewhere.  Am I running an old version of MuseScore?  Yes, it's the same version that's been in pkgsrc for at least a few years.  Ironically it's newer than the version that is in the Debian repository.

lol ... I'm the same as I have very old 32 bit laptops with some very old Linux distro's. You're right they work fantastic and are totally usable for day to day use.
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