Manjaro pinebookpro images with kernel 5.7.19
(10-10-2022, 10:00 PM)wdt Wrote: >BTW, in 5.8.14 panel-simple is builtin, not a module
My pbp is from end 2019, came with mrfixit distro on emmc
(and more,,, a week after I got it, I got really sick for a month !!!)
At that time the manjaro distro had linux 5.7, early, without S3
(S2mem, STM). then there were a couple 5.7 updates and S3 could work
(and usbC video). Somewhere then an update to 5.8,,,, 2 versions
But the patch was dropped because it was a bit of a hack
And it never worked with nvme, it would start, then fail, and then wake

No luck with your kernel 5.8 image. The usb-c to HDMI functionality is broken. Although I don't see the black screen problem. And you're right about panel being built in.

I'm starting to wonder if there is a kernel module for HDMI missing on these "Linux" images. The "linux-pinebookpro" which is the 5.7.19 has no usb-c to HDMI issues but the display issue is there. Did Manjaro change a lot of stuff in their linux-pinebookpro image?

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