Inquiring about the PineBook Pro
Yes, it can be a problem when you completely drained the battery.
So you have to be careful with sleep mode ( I never use sleep mode).

I have a Pinebook Pro (PBP) from the first ANSI keyboard batch.
Battery is still decent and I use it almost every day connected to power.

I never used Xen, but I have used Qemu.
But I think the biggest limitation is 4GB of memory.

I'm not sure how suitable the PBP is for Android development.
I have never seen anyone do it.

A quick search points me here, but it mentions 8GB recommended:

And I really have my doubts about iOS development.

And HDMI out from USB-C seems to be hit and miss. I had it working in the past, at some point it was broken in Manjaro and I didn't bother testing it lately.

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