Smart Mirror - Input Questions
As promised, I did give it a bit of a thought. The real question is what will you base the build off of / what OS will you end up using. 

If you decide to go with linux then: 

2) think you could look into using Mycroft  -- it is in relatively early stages of development, but it is an open source alternative to Siri, Google now and Alexa. If you don't want/ need something this sophisticated, and only require 'volume up / volume down / turn music off' type of commands, then there is support support for that too should you prefer it. 

3) looks like you can get some really cool results using Microsoft Kinect. On the plus side, its pretty cheap - you cant get one for £15-25 second hand here in the UK and there are already quite a few linux-based projects using the Kinect. But unless you really know your way around this sort of stuff it seems like you'd have to adapt one of the existing projects to suit your needs. Its possible but it doesn't look simple. I believe Xalius suggested also suggested LeapMotion to you in the chat yesterday - which may very well be the better route to take. 

4/5/6)  I think that AIO remote or something similar could be the answer. I guess that it isn't as comfortable as physical controls tho but for typing things in quickly this could be absolutely fine. It depends if you get 2) and 3) (not to mention 1) going AND which front-end you decide on. 

Finally 1) For starters I am not sure if touching a mirror is a good idea. My wife gets angry at me when I leave smudges in the bathroom wiping the mist off of the mirror  after a hot shower ;Wink  so I am not sure if touch is something that is a good idea to begin with. You could just end up with a smudged mirror or a feature you worked hard to implement and never use. That said it would solve 4/5/6) for you as you wouldn't really need any traditional input - you could just walk up to the thing and scribble away. So I looked into ''add touch capabilities to non-touch surfaces'' and sure as heck it isn't simple or cheap. I am told that Ubi Interactive have the best product - but Im sure its both expensive and difficult to set up. 

Looking to hear more about your project ! ~ chat soon
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