Problem with booting from SD card. Several errors
I’m trying my luck here in getting help with the issues on my PP og:

I was updating manjaro phosh from v25 to 26, when autosuspend kicked in and the screen didn’t come back. I turned the phone off to early and now I get the following error and the os doesn’t boot:

Quote:[0555641] lima ic40000.gpu: dev_pm_opp_set_regulators: no regulator (mali) found: -19
[2730020] pinephone-keyboard 2-0015: error: ENXIO: Failes to read device ID
[9.198729] i2c i2c-1: mv64xxx_i2c_fsm: Ctlr Error — state: 0x2, status: 0x0 addr: 0x48, flags: 0x0
[9.200060] stk3310 1-0048: registrer read failed: -11
[9.902770] iio iio: device4: failed to read Who-Am-I register.
[9.936683] debugfs: File ‘Bluetooth Playback’ in directory ‘dapm’ already present!
[9.956676] debugfs: File ‘Bluetooth Capture’ in directory ‘dapm’ already present!

I'm running the OS from the SD-Card. I tried to flash other SDCards with Manjaro and other OSes and either I get similar errors and the OS does not boot or if it does boot after a long time, there are other issues. The OS from the eMMC runs without a Problem, as far a as I can tell. So I think there is something messed up with booting from SD in general.

Thanks for your help!

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