Connection to WiFi with OWE

Just got a PineBook Pro on Manjaro and trying to connect it to WiFi network with OWE, but no luck. To networks without it connection is fine.
In logs I do see this:

NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2866] policy: auto-activating connection 'WIFI_OWE' (6df297b9-b9c7-4746-a934-725a10786425)
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2900] device (wlan0): Activation: starting connection 'WIFI_OWE' (6df297b9-b9c7-4746-a934-725a10786425)
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2906] device (wlan0): state change: disconnected -> prepare (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2922] manager: NetworkManager state is now CONNECTING
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2945] device (wlan0): state change: prepare -> config (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2963] device (wlan0): Activation: (wifi) connection 'WIFI_OWE' has security, and secrets exist.  No new secrets needed.
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2965] Config: added 'ssid' value 'WIFI_OWE'
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2965] Config: added 'scan_ssid' value '1'
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2966] Config: added 'bgscan' value 'simple:30:-70:86400'
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2966] Config: added 'key_mgmt' value 'OWE'
NetworkManager[495]: <info>  [1661936785.2967] Config: added 'ieee80211w' value '2'
wpa_supplicant[528]: wlan0: Trying to associate with SSID 'WIFI_OWE'
wpa_supplicant[528]: wlan0: Association request to the driver failed
kernel: ieee80211 phy6: brcmf_set_key_mgmt: invalid akm suite (1027090)
kernel: ieee80211 phy6: brcmf_cfg80211_connect: wl_set_key_mgmt failed (-22)

Any hints how it could be fixed?

Just to add,
`nmcli con modify WIFI_OWE 802-11-wireless-security.key-mgmt owe`
did not helped.
What is the correct way to verify I'm using latest WiFi driver? Or any way to use some alternative driver?

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