Need help with new pinebook pro
Ok, so I've downloaded the image
and wrote it to a USB drive.

Then booted the pbp using it and installed manjaro on the USB drive.

Booted again, tested everything included wifi and all is good.

Now I want to flash this very same manjaro I am using from the USB to the eMMC. The problem is that "manjaro-arm-flasher" is not installed by default in the USB. If I try to sudo pacman -S it fails to retrieve some packages (python related) and the installation is aborted. I am not sure what version of flasher corresponds to this version of manjaro so anyone can provide a URL?

(09-05-2022, 09:30 PM)steeb Wrote:
(09-05-2022, 11:33 AM)magistral Wrote: The issue I have at this moment is that I cannot make manjaro to recognize the wifi card. I've tried many flavors of versions 22.02 & 22.04 from that link.

See this post on the Kali Linux forum for WiFi drivers:

Copy the files to
and you'll have WiFi.

This has worked for all distros that I've tried so far, not just Manjaro, so keep these on an SD card!

Thanks for the hint, but that does not work for me.

The installed version is manjaro 20.02, which is the only version I can install to the eMMC and boot the pbp. Every other version I've tried to install to the eMMC for one reason or another, fails to install or boot.

At this point I think I have a faulty pbp.
The only two versions that work with this damned pbp are:

Are there any newer "emmc-installer" version than 20.04?

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