Getting close to daily driving
(10-26-2022, 02:36 PM)mruser1 Wrote: Thanks for sharing! I thought a mail client was installed or at least mentioned in the wiki if it was easy to get it running under the shipped manjaro. Anyone any suggestions for a mail client? Anyone tried thunderbird, evolution, kmail, mailspring, or something else?

Sorry if I misunderstand but I think there is a misunderstanding here.

This topic is for Sailfish OS which is the operating system of the Jolla company - which is one of the pioneers in this field ("linux phones") and a great company. However, it is a company standing on its own two feet and for this reason they will probably never give their full contribution for Pinephone. (There are lots of open source stuff and options and I certainly hope that Sailfish OS will become daily driver ready for Pinephone but I don't hold my breath Smile )

Email is working excellent at least with Phosh (PMOS, Arch, Mobian, Manjaro).
With mobile your choice must be Geary or some webapp - other are not that good with small displays.
Thanks for pointing out + the hints! The right thread for me is
GPS isn't working either, is it?

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