PineBook Pro seems to go to deep sleep, but doesn't wake up
(07-06-2023, 05:02 AM)jpalus Wrote:
(07-05-2023, 01:53 PM)kebab Wrote:
(04-26-2023, 02:49 AM)jpalus Wrote:
(04-21-2023, 03:45 PM)rik-shaw Wrote:
(04-19-2023, 03:42 PM)mensingma Wrote: I had the same issue and was able to resolve by unplugging the battery from the board temporarily.

Can you clarify? What distro, what bootloader, what kernel? I am happy to use any distro that will sleep / wake reliably :-)

That is finally the case for me with u-boot 2023.04 (ATF 2.8.0) and kernel 6.2 without any battery shenanigans. At least with eMMC, didn't try with NVMe.

Is this different from a standard u-boot installation? I'm trying to figure out if I should want to uninstall tow-boot and switch back to u-boot

I'm using "standard" mainline u-boot.

Gotcha. Do you happen to have any guide on how to go about installing that and replacing Tow-Boot? Smile I'm on a Gentoo installation that I sort of stumbled through into a working boot without fully being able to understand the process. I'm quite happy with Gentoo and don't want to move to a different distro, but would like to understand more about U-boot and have a functional hibernate and suspend ability. Currently I believe I have just got Tow-Boot on my SPI, which looks for the EFI image I've made with systemd-boot and then launches systemd-boot which then launches my system.
Tow-Boot is just u-boot with a slightly nicer UI, and a few more features (basically).

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