DDing mobian to emmc or microSD not starting...
I have a Pine Phone ... somewhere in between.
It isn't a pine phone beta, nor is it a pine phone Pro.
It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB emmc.
I can flash any flavor of Arch linux on it, but if I try to flash Mobian to either the emmc or a microsd, the phone refuses to turn on/start. It never even makes it to the point where the power light blinks.
The minute I put arch on it, it works like a charm.

Any ideas on how to get mobian working? 
I've used the following images: 
Try using bmaptool (see https://wiki.mobian-project.org/doku.php...tall-linux), as it's a sparse image, dd won't work.

Also bmaptool checks the checksum Smile
Mobian has required tow-boot since 03 April 2022. - Since then they do not include u-boot in their images.

See the wiki for install instructions.

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