Who is the target audience of the PineNote
(08-04-2022, 08:31 AM)pinesucker Wrote: I'm in the market for an E-Reader, so I was excited to see the PineNote listed.
My excitement has dropped to 0 after seeing the specs and price.
Non-removable battery?
No SD card?
Who is your target audience??
No Linux enthusiast wants a throwaway device that's locked to internal memory only. $400?
That is totally uncompetitive with existing Android E-Readers.
And without removable battery and SD card the PineNote has nothing that sets it apart.


And I would add, SMB upgradeability and 
even a "only screen" model to atach or as BT / WiFi device to connect to a phone would be better, cheaper, and would have more sells.

And if possible color e-ink BT / WiFi devices with a cheaper 8" model and the 10+" one.

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