Hello all,

I recently got the Quartz64-A board and I'm starting to feel a bit more experimental with it.  I don't have a lot of experience, but if I'm pointed towards some good docs and given some hints I can usually make some progress.  I have a scripting background with a very rudimentary programming understanding so I'd probably only be able to integrate other peoples work from other projects into this one vs writing something from scratch.

What I'm wondering, and this may need to go to the EDK II forums instead, is if it is possible to add the ethernet driver for uefi boot options and then to be able to use either PXE or iSCSI to get the board booting remotely?

What I've looked at so far, and only understand about 10% so far, are the following.  If there's better places or maybe more focused on the Quartz please let me know.  If you have any suggestions on how I'd need to go about learning more for this topic I'd appreciate it as well.

# Found that there are sections indicating something is called for both the ethernet driver and iscsi in the dsc for the quartz board

# Starting to read through the Network driver requirements to understand how what's there may already be used

# A link I've found but don't have the background to understand yet around iSCSI
If you've got ethernet support in the bootloader, you won't need iscsi there. It can be from the kernel you netboot. You would have a few options beyond that: network block device (NBD) or NFS root FS.

I've only worked with iscsi a bit (and it was painful to debug when not working properly) and NFS root (which I remember as being easy to setup).

What I'd research today would be NBD, though, as it seems promisingly easier that the 2 others, but that's just assumption on my part.

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