Battery problem with a Pinephone keyboard and Mobian
I have a Pinophone equipped with the Pinephone keyboard (operating system: Mobian).

As indicated in the instructions, to recharge the Pinephone, I plug the usb cable from the charger into the usb input on the keyboard.
Until a recent update, with Mobian, once the battery was charged, the charge indicator showed 200%. It seemed a little strange to me, but considering that with the keyboard battery, the device has two batteries (keyboard battery + Pinephone battery), there is a logic to the matter… and there was no problem. My Pinephone had a battery life of about two days.

But since a recent update, things have changed:
I can still charge the Pinephone by plugging the usb cable into the keyboard input, but it seems that mobian no longer detects the keyboard battery.
After charging for a whole night, the charge indicator in mobian only shows 65% maximum. Also the keyboard battery doesn't seem to charge the Pinephone battery Undecided

Result: the autonomy of my pinephone went down to about ten hours!
Does anyone have a clue to help me?

Thanks Smile

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