Idle tracking with PineTime: how versatile it is?
Like nearly every office worker, I'm spending too much time sitting, and I often notice that only when it's quite late, and my legs are cramping. I bought a Fitbit, thinking that idle time tracking and notification is a basic use case for fitness trackers,and hence it's richly configurable, but it seems it's not. And neither for other trackers I've checked so far, in fact. The Fitbit accumulate data in every hour between :00 and :50, and if there was not enough movement, there is a gentle vibrating reminder. But if you miss that, there is no new reminder for 60 minutes. Plus if you do your 250 steps e.g. at 8:01am, and then you sit down,there is no reminder until 9:50. It's easy to see this is quite flawed.
Before I spend a lot of time studying the code, I would like to ask people who are more familiar with it: is the following is possible with PineTime? :
- wake up every 3 minutes, and check how much movement were made in the past 30 minutes (the numbers here should be configurable)
- if not enough (again, number of steps is configurable), vibrate
- do this only in the configurable time window, your work time
Could someone with a good overview give me a first hunch estimation whether this is feasible or not?
It seems like an extension of existing or proposed step counting functionality, and I don't see why it shouldn't be possible. If you make a feature request on one of the main OS projects you may get a more informed answer.

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