[available again] When will the Pinecil be available again?
PINE64 Store is shipping Pinecil V2 from
Guangdong China
and I paid $30 USd for this?

I do realize the shipping fee is for FedEx Expedited with tracking

but I had thought Pinecil V2 would come from the U.K.
and not from China Electronics Province. 
I could not find a disclosure of this on the Pine sites.
I hope the shipping of my product is not delayed by VAT here in Canada, 
and that would be a further disappointment.
At $56, the product is still less expensive than TS100 shipped from Guangdong as well . 
The product will be for my goToolBox and I have a Dyson V6 BatteryPack (6S, 21V, 3600mAh) 
ready with coaxial Plug at the ready.

I do not see a mention of the new V2 'shorter' Iron Tips "sets" so I will wait until
the store is updated or someone finds a (Guangdong?) source for the Tip sets 
so I can buy a fine conical tip (TS-C1 or -ILS). I see the new spec indicates ST-B1 (shorter Tip)
so extrapolation suggests ST-C1 or ST-ILS could be the fine tip part numbers. 
I can wait.

I am going to resist posting this on Reddit for now ; this forum is correct place.
I own a lot of Pine product in my shop, a Pine64 is connected on one port of my Lab monitor
to provide Android platform for testing.

Update2: looks like a 7day delivery promise 4Aug to 11Aug

John Rad
Electronics technologist
Ottawa Canada

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