When will the Pinecil be available again?

when will the Pinecil be available again?

On the Pinecil's page in the pine64 online shop it shows "Out of stock", while on this availability page it shows that there should be some available.

I want to place a bigger order at pine64.com, and one of the pieces I want to order is the Pinecil.

I want to order all in one batch to save on shipping costs. (Or, can I order it now and get it shipped to me when it is available again, without extra shipping fee?)

Привет. Также интересуетесь, когда паяльник появится в продаже?
Pinecil v1 is discontinued.  Long live the Pinecil v2!

It looks like the Pinecil counterfeit explosion forced them to update it, but still the same $29.99 price.

Pinecil V2 preliminary specifications: (changes are in bold).

MCU – Bouffalo Lab BL706 32-bit RISC-V microcontroller @ 144 MHz with 132KB SRAM, 192KB ROM, optional embedded flash, Bluetooth 5.0 LE and 802.15.4 (Zigbee) connectivity

Tip – 106mm long, Type B2; automatic detection of 6.2 vs 8 Ohm tips

Misc – 2x buttons; auto-standby features, teal silcone grip, anti-counterfeiting measures
Power Supply 12V-20V / 3A via USB Type-C port with USB PD and QC 3.0 support, tentative support for USB-PD EPR (28V)

From https://www.cnx-software.com/2022/07/29/...r-support/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn4S1mdt7QQ&t=2s
PINE64 Store is shipping Pinecil V2 from
Guangdong China
and I paid $30 USd for this?

I do realize the shipping fee is for FedEx Expedited with tracking

but I had thought Pinecil V2 would come from the U.K.
and not from China Electronics Province. 
I could not find a disclosure of this on the Pine sites.
I hope the shipping of my product is not delayed by VAT here in Canada, 
and that would be a further disappointment.
At $56, the product is still less expensive than TS100 shipped from Guangdong as well . 
The product will be for my goToolBox and I have a Dyson V6 BatteryPack (6S, 21V, 3600mAh) 
ready with coaxial Plug at the ready.

I do not see a mention of the new V2 'shorter' Iron Tips "sets" so I will wait until
the store is updated or someone finds a (Guangdong?) source for the Tip sets 
so I can buy a fine conical tip (TS-C1 or -ILS). I see the new spec indicates ST-B1 (shorter Tip)
so extrapolation suggests ST-C1 or ST-ILS could be the fine tip part numbers. 
I can wait.

I am going to resist posting this on Reddit for now ; this forum is correct place.
I own a lot of Pine product in my shop, a Pine64 is connected on one port of my Lab monitor
to provide Android platform for testing.

Update2: looks like a 7day delivery promise 4Aug to 11Aug

John Rad
Electronics technologist
Ottawa Canada

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