Spare Parts
Will there be spare parts available for the PineTime such as the LCD+Touch and battery?
Agreed, my unit already has a cracked top at this point.

Unfortunately, since the PineTime isn't built to be repairable (unless you are willing to destroy the sealant, or you have a devkit, like me, and in the case of the battery. willing to desolder it and solder on a new one), this does pose an issue.

My recommendation for the PineTime 2, build it in layers, so as to allow for repairability without sacrificing water and dust protection. Top layer has the top outer shell, below that a layer that includes the actual LCD (possibly also some of the sensors), and a connector(s) for the necessary communication with the board, middle layer includes the board itself (again possibly, some sensors) and connectors for communications with other layers, below that the battery compartment (just a battery with a connector, could be on a cable, inside a protective case that can be screwed in), maybe also (again) some sensors such as NFC, heartbeat sensor, wireless charging, magnetic charging, etc., and connectors for communication with the board, and the bottom layer being the bottom outer shell, and everything can be either screwed together or held with magnets (they will be at the perimeter, so as not to interfere with any of the sensors or the internal workings of the any components).

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