Case for Pinephone
(08-04-2022, 06:15 PM)Chief Wrote: I had a PP case and long story short - I used my Dremel to enlarge the USB C slot and it worked fine. One day I did drop it on hardwood floor and the case broke but not the phone. The bottom of the case of course was weakened a bit from the larger slot. After reading these comments I will look for a iphone type or Samsung case that is a near perfect fit and then as required add foam or something to make fit. Then I will glue or epoxy a ring to it and put a leather shoe lace to go around my neck. This should solve my shaky hands and clumsiness issue.

Just round off the edges of the hole with your least favorite soldering iron.
I have seen some of the 'tacticool' cases for soldiers that look extremely tough, I just need more recommendations on the closest match at least for buttons I can drill USB and phone jack holes and if needed fill any blind holes.

==Recipe Time!==
FIlling holes and ports is easy...

Most phone cases, most electronic and toy stuff cases really, are ABS plastic. ABS dissolves in paint grade acetone(nail polish remover is 50% water not active enough).
You can dissolve ABS plastic scrap, like failed 3D prints and sprue, even wrecked Legos, and keep it in polyethylene bottle, I usually save the tough cough syrup bottles for this.
This stuff will be about as thick as white school glue or a bit thicker if you get the ratio right, I store it in the freezer and shake it for about 5 min before using.
I use toothpicks and bamboo skewers to spread it, if used for repairs you can prep the surface with a few horsehair brush (not plastic brush bristles) applications of acetone before ABS 'welding' it.
You can fill or repair to nearly new streaght, stronger if you add a few layers, give it about 12 hours to harden.
For filling an unwanted earphone port on a case you can put the phone inside a polyethylene sandwich sack(nonreactive to acetone, test your sack first!!) and put it inside the case, just put a few layers of the goop to fill the hole and sand it off, you can use acetone to smooth the sanded area.

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