Screen blocker is damaged ("loginctl unlock-session c1" problem)
Hi all, hope you can help me with this issue which is repeating eventually on my plasma mobile pinephone.

Sometimes, when the system suspends, and I try to unblock it, appears a black screen that says:

"The screen blocker is damaged and it cannot be unblocked; change to a virtual terminal, start session on it and execute the next command:

loginctl unlock-session c1

close the virtual terminal session typing Ctrl+D and change to the session you where using (Ctrl+Alt+F2)"

Do you know how can I fix this? I have searched on several webs but no success.

Thanks a lot.
I'm not sure, but I have the same problem.

*** EDIT ***

It's very naive in its workings, but I made a script to at least deal with the problem for the moment:

while :; do
  echo "Unlocking...:
  loginctl unlock-session c1
  sleep 2

Make the script executable:

chmod +x

Go into 'Settings' in the pulldown menu. Then, Autostart -> Add -> Add Login Script, and choose the script above.

I've only tested this for a few hours, but it's working so far.
This only happened when I did lock/unlock the phone and I reduced the occurrences by disabling auto-lock.

With the latest updates this now always happens and the phone will no longer show the UI and is completely unusable. "loginctl unlock-session c1" gets rid of the error screen but then the screen stays black. Restart sddm doesn't help either. Neither does a reboot.

I also that it takes a longer than usual (a few minutes) until it is connected with the network.

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