Why still force us on paypal
(07-15-2022, 09:40 AM)martijntje Wrote: I was also looking at buying the PinePhone Pro, but ran into the same issue where they are trying to get me to create a PayPal account.

Now, there is pine64eu.com, but that one has no stock. Even if it _does_ have stock, why is it so much more expensive. On pine64.com, the PinePhone Pro is 399 + 40 shipping. On pine64eu.com it shows for 585. That is including free shipping. Doesn't the shipment from pine64.com ship from within the EU?
pine64eu uses "Przelewy24 (Credit / Debit Card)". i couldn't test further but i think no accounts are required. paypal is not even an option.

585 is euros and eu only, therefore vat tax is included and also includes some (hardware) support. if i assume french vat 20%, 400 dollars become 480 dollars and converting it into euros as of 2022-07-15, ~475 euros. so there is some difference with global price.

for pp pro, pine64.com probably ships from hong kong, but read the fine print. for pp regular, pine64.com ships from poland if address is in e.u..

i was thinking buying pp pro, but because i'm not in hurry, paypal account requirement easily postpones my plans.
it seems that stripe is back!

it says that paypal option support buying without paypal account, i don't trust it. although it may depend on paypal.

[Image: pinestore-stripe.jpg]
[Image: pinestore-paypal.jpg]

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