Mid 2022: what is in your humble opinion the best working OS for the PinePro?

Have just got my PinebookPro back working after being broken for 6 months. Still has the default Manjaro distro. Has 800 updates and the updates fail. Not very enthusiastic to try to fix it. 

The current OS never worked great. Sound volume is extremely weak. And for some reason only 5Ghz wifi works.

Was thinking this is a good time to do a new OS installation. 

From the point of view that things work as good as possible after installation I would like opinions about what the most mature OS / less bad option available at this time for this hardware?
Asked this also at Discord. Advice was that Manjaro is still probably the best but that Fedora is close. I am going to try Fedora.
It depends what you want to do with it.  But if you have to ask, I think that you should stick with Manjaru.

I couldn't be happier with NetBSD.  But unless you're a NetBSD user already, you probably wouldn't like it.

By the way, one of the best things about this hardware is that you can put multiple operating systems on micro-sd cards and use them all.

[ SRA accepts you ]

Everyone wants me to quit using NetBSD
Arch Linux Phosh is the best in my opinion as it functions immediately with no issues. I have tried Manjaro, Mobian and even Ubuntu custom made image but have returned to Arch.

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