Temporary fix for Modem Not Coming Back on in SXMO Postmarketos Pinephone
Thanks for you work looking into this problem.  I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this problem and making efforts to mitigate it. 

I was excited to see that restarting eg25-manager might get a modem that's gone missing back online. I can restart eg25-manager without any errors but unfortunately in my case, it doesn't help Sad So far the only sure-fire method I've found is to restart the device. I'm considering automating a call to reboot when the modem disappears, but for now I just have the phone play an audio file every minute to remind me to restart.

I've also seen a second problem that I intend to see if an eg25-manager restart might help. Every so often my phone loses its LTE connection, and when this happens I can't place or receive calls. Since it's not readily apparent if I'm not getting a call because no one's calling or because LTE is off in the weeds, this is also a problem. So again, I play a sound to tell me to check the phone. I thought that mmcli -m 0 -e might fix things but that experiment failed. Sometimes LTE comes back on its own . . .

I'll post if I find anything else of note.


Hmmm. restarting eg25-manager might actually have worked after all. I tried it when LTE service dropped out and it didn't appear to help when I rechecked the output of mmcli -m 0|grep access. But the modem had returned as modem 1, and I was just assuming it would be restarted as modem 0 again. I'll have to wait for the modem to disappear again to retest this.

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