Bookworm Navigation Enabler Script
Before my upgrade to Mobian Bookworm I had a working navigation system able to use the satellite receiver to provide a fix to several meters and I was able to use Pure Maps and Gnome Maps for driving assistance.

Since my clean wipe and upgrade I followed the instructions on the wiki(please document the working fixes you find in the forum on the wiki!!) but currently do not have working satellite navigation, that is already being solved in other threads.

My thought is that since the Pinephone user community can not directly control the direction Mobian is going or what makes it to the repos we could have a series of moderator endorsed community tested fix-it scripts hosted and stickied on this forum to do things like enable navigation as well as return to stock Mobian settings.
A community built script would not take much effort and would be extremely transparent while taking away the difficulty of users skipping steps in a wiki guide or other errors; being a forum post users can comment directly to the effectiveness of the script and if Mobian upgrades break the script.
Using a community script also makes troubleshooting easier as we can with reasonable confidence know the steps a user has taken and can thus mostly rule out user error.
If you can get that sort of input for fix-up scripts you should be able to get it for pull requests against mobian issues. If the pull request goes nowhere you can at least point people to it as a solution.
(06-02-2022, 02:34 AM)wibble Wrote: If you can get that sort of input for fix-up scripts you should be able to get it for pull requests against mobian issues. If the pull request goes nowhere you can at least point people to it as a solution.

I think the problem is that unlike say Nokia-Maemo where the software development and dev community are targeted at specifically designed in-house hardware; we are talking about specific hardware and the Pinephone, really more the hardware drivers, seems to do some things in an unusual way, the GPS, the camera, maybe others.  Mobian I think does NOT want to get too specifically tweaked to PP unless perhaps we can convince the leadership to include some PP specific config packages.
I would love if satellite nav worked on PP on install or could simply be toggled, I am concerned that I can't even tell which version of mobian for PP the wiki is giving instructions for.
I agree that a Mobian pull request is best but posting crowd reviewed setup scripts, like the apps built by community members and posted to gits, are a way for us to have some additional control as the Pine64 forum community without needing to set up a side software repository.
Having the scripts at Pine64 also hopefully means that the 'solution' is constantly being tested by community members so unlike the wiki will hopefully be fixed or at least alerted if it causes an error vs the mobian wiki which is now straddling releases.

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