Signal on Ubuntu Touch
First of all, I'm Kimberley and I'm new to Pine64 Phone! 

I'm familiar with Raspberry and I've played with different OS. Now I own a Pine Phone and I can't work with the commands I'm used to. Just to give a simple example, I can't seem to get Signal Messenger on my Pine. Tried with Ubuntu Touch and Arch Linux.

Is there an OS that is more like the familiar old Terminal? Or do I get it wrong?
Ubuntu Touch is rather special and unlike the other "traditional" "desktop" distributions. Ubuntu Touch is an immutable system and you're expected to install applications only in an sandboxed environment from the store If the ported Telegram app there is not sufficient I would suggest you to use one of the more traditional distributions.

Under Manjaro, Arch etc. you can simply install it via "sudo pacman -S telegram-desktop" or via a GUI package manager and then simply start it.

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