Chatty can no longer start since the last update
Has anybody else noticed that text messages are not arriving unless Chatty is open? Previously, Chatty would run in the background (You could see it running as a process under the Memory section of the Usage app) but not need to be open in the app carousel to receive messages. Now, I can only receive messages if the Chatty UI is also open.

I've updated the /etc/xdg/autostart/sm.puri.Chatty-daemon.desktop Exec line to this:
"Exec=env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/purple-2 chatty %u"

This seems to restart Chatty's UI again after I exit the UI but I'm not seeing it keep the app alive when the UI is closed. Am I missing something?


Edit: Running Chatty 0.6.4 and bookworm on Mobian

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