no emmc after flash
(05-19-2022, 07:04 PM)ragele Wrote: sorry if this has been covered already. been using manjaro phosh feb release no issues til
today while trying to place a call it hung and then I could no longer open the calls app, place
or receive calls. I successfully flashed using jumpdrive but after it wont boot. if i place the
jumpdrive sd back in the phone i can see the jumpdrive splash on the phone but the emmc
is not visable any longer on my laptop. any ideas?

That would typically happen with a fully drained battery. In that case other OSes (except for Jumpdrive) won't boot either.

I would recommend to let the phone charge in Jumpdrive for a couple of hours. If the phone doesn't work properly after a reboot I would suggest trying to boot a different operating system from the microSD card and to then flash the eMMC from that OS.

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