Might there be a UV Radiation issue?

hopefully this does not sound too weird.
I purchased a 3 pack of sealed Pinetimes shortly after it became available.

Last summer, I noticed horizontal stripes under the display and asked here what that might be and where it came from. We didn't find an explanation but others having this phenomenon themselves.

[Image: uc?export=view&id=1k7Ey7IrWaGI7H5WsBtkpqgnRhUAm377b]

Since I got a 3 pack, I used the second watch after some time because I found those stripes annoying. Summer was over by then.

Everything was perfectly fine for months until summer started a short time ago. After having been outside for one or two sunny days, my second Pinetime suddenly also had exactly those stripes.

Now I came along thinking of some UV radiation issue.

Is that nonsense or might there be a connection?

Best regards
Do we have access to the display's hardware datasheets?
Best case is it is degradation of the polarized top layer film and not the LCD itself.
Makes me think that if we have to already replace the polarized film for a DIY fix to choose a n adhesive backed polarized film with 100% UV blocking or adding a visible light clear but UV opaque top layer during the repair..
(05-21-2022, 10:26 PM)biketool Wrote: Do we have access to the display's hardware datasheets?

on Wiki i see some here:
Quote:Component Datasheets:
(05-18-2022, 01:38 PM)Джоджума Wrote: Это ерунда или может быть связь?

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