Error When Resizing SD Card
I am trying to create an Ubuntu  Linux Image SD using the instructions below.

It works fine (Ubuntu boots using the new SD card and I can log in) except for when I open the terminal and try to resize the SD card using:

"Execute script to resize the root partition in order to fully utilize the SD Card"

I  get the error:

"This scrip requires root"


How do I solve this?

Ubuntu Linux Image [20160530] based on Longsleep build, updated by Pine64
[Image: Logo_ubuntu.jpg]
  • Thanks to longsleep works, the Linux build progress rapidly, This is a build based on longsleep works and may not have all bell and whistles from longsleep and Sunxi community. For latest build, you can create one and following this thread
  • Suitable for 1GB/2GB Pine A64+ Board, not suitable for 512MB Pine A64 Board due to system memory constrain
  • DD image (for 8GB and above SD Card):
  • Included Mate Desktop, Firebox Browser, Thunderbird Email, and LibreOffice Suite.
  • Login with
    • username: ubuntu
    • password: ubuntu
  • Execute script to resize the root partition in order to fully utilize the SD Card
are you typing "sudo" (or "sudo su" before executing the command) prior to the command?
No. I wasn't typing sudo before the command.

It worked now! Thanks!
just for reference, you can also use gparted in GUI Wink
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter


That's good to know.

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