update kills keyboard
Keyboard was clipping along w/ the Manjaro Plasma 5.17.1-2-MANJARO-ARM that
came w/ the fon (plus a few upgrades) till a few days ago when a routine
upgrade took it down.  Unresponsive, and no kb151 showing up in dmesg. Doesn't
affect the fon.

Haven't found where kb151 is kept to save for manual install, what calls it or
when (doesn't show up in >cat /proc/cmdline), find doesn't find it, plocate
doesn't locate it, and the net is curiously mum but for two short references
on Megous.

I've flashed the ManjaroOS to an SD-card a few times and each time it boots
into a working keyboard.  Then an update will disable it.

From what I've gleaned online kb151 is a module that comes w/ the kernel, in
wh/ case it can't be activated if it's not there.

What's the fix?
Manjaro Plasma is "unstable" and the Phosh phone system will probably work better if you want stability with updates?

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