Struggle to install LibreOffice on the PinePhone
(06-15-2022, 08:12 AM)alaraajavamma Wrote: but it is not usable on phone screen
What do you mean by not usable on the phone screen? I did a short test and I could at least type on the PinePhone screen with LibreOffice and the PinePhone keyboard. Are there any technical problems to use LibreOffice on the phone screen?

I use softmaker textmaker and planmaker on an Android phone since many years. They have a touch interface. But since I write a lot, I always use those apps with a mini bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which works great.

To you think, LibreOffice on the PinePhone could be usable with a keyboard and a mouse on the phone screen, did you have only a problem with the small phone screen, or are there other technical problems?
Everything works with Phone screen also but the thing is that Libreoffice was not designed to Phone screen.
So everything is too small and user interface is not good without mouse and keyboard.
You can use it and it will do it job just fine but if you compare it application which is designed for phones it is quite horrible Big Grin

It is good when using external display - because thats what it is designed to do. But for me PP is not powerfull enough so I could enjoy using Libreoffice with external monitor.
Thanks, alaraajavamma. The problem is to find an Office application which is developed for a Linux phone. According to the system requirements, LibreOffice is not that demanding: Pentium III, 256 MB RAM, (512 MB recommended, 1,5 GB HD space. And the advantage for me personally is, that LibreOffice offers a database software (Base), an application which is also hard to find for a Linux phone. According to my own little experience, Office applications should not be so demanding, and I can imagine to use the PP also with a HDMI monitor, if everything works satisfyingy.

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