What PD charger/dock combo results in PP battery not draining while using convergence

I could not find an already existing thread and so I am writing this one.

My set-up results in the battery slowly draining until no charge and I am forced to end my session with convergence because the phone shuts down when all of the power in the battery is gone (of course ) Smile.

I am using:
  • HDMI cable to monitor
  • 5.17.2-1-danctrix - April 10 build

Seems to me that the Anker is not passing enough power through to the PP in order for it to charge up the battery.  Perhaps there exists a dock that is more efficient and does pass enough power to the Pinephone.  The PinePower connected directly to the PP does charge the PP battery up very well, as expected.

Is there a combination of PD and dock that will result in the PP battery charging up while it is docked with HDMI output?
I am aware that there may be software issues involved as well.  I think that the software performs negotiation with the PD to set the phones level of power draw from the PD.
Perhaps that software does not "know" how to negotiate power levels from the Ankler dock but it does know how to do that with the PinePower. idk

Thank you for your time and knowledge,


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