!! Pinecil is dead after 3 times using it, don't buy this crap...
(04-22-2022, 06:58 AM)bbeeast Wrote: Hi

I bought a Pinecil64 after seeing JB's video... 

After I received it, it worked 3-4 times, and the same day it died: No more screen, no reaction when I plug various LiPo battery or USB, doesn't heat up... 
The only thing that work is when I plug to my PC I still can uptade it lmao 

That's annoying to have bought such a bad product...

Which website did you get Pinecil from and what color is it? First we need to figure out if you have a real Pinecil or bought from Aliexpress a fake copy.
Come to the live Pine64 Pinecil  discord chat volunteers might help you diagnose it.  Not enough details here,  like exactly which cable was used and which charger type (what are specs on charger). 

 I always try to use a USB-C  charger first PD65W 20V. 

Also depending on who you bought it from contact support for that seller  as they might be able to exchange it depending on circumstance. 
Join the Pinecil discord chat though,   as volunteers can help you through a series of test to do.  Link to live chat is in the  Pinecil Wiki  page (community chat).

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