PBP Can't Boot Up
(04-18-2022, 07:22 PM)iscmob Wrote:
(04-18-2022, 03:15 AM)jiyong Wrote:
(04-17-2022, 09:23 PM)iscmob Wrote: Dear Pine64 Community,

I really really love PBP. But, it's dead, unable to boot up.
I'm not sure what I did that caused PBP dead.

I have done all Wiki and steps to reset, bypass the power and reset again. None of this worked.
Please kindly advise. Thanks.

So I assume it did boot before and you haven't changed the installed OS.
Did you boot it after a long period of inactivity?
Did you let it charge for a full day?

I have PBP for a year plus, working fine until I tried to change the software (fr Debian to others).
It had intermittent boot problem (ie sometimes it could boot up and sometimes it couldn't). Then I did the reset according to our Wiki page.
And the problem persisted. Then I remove the ribbon cable to the small MB and connect the Power Bridge Connector. This didn't work.
Thus, I had done all available steps on our Wiki to jump start PBP, still PBP cannot be revived.

Do you have a USB adapter for the eMMC?
Can you try to flash the original Debian image on the eMMC?

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