Hardware VIdeo Acceleration on Mobian
It has finally happened, soon we will be able to play a few hours of multimedia without using up our whole battery.
and now in a GTK app called CLapper, hope it makes it into the repos soon as well as either in a hardware abstraction layer for the OS or as a build target for the big video players like Totem, VLC, and Kodi.
The blog is almost a year old. What can our community do to expedite the project?
(04-17-2022, 04:39 PM)vusra Wrote: The blog is almost a year old.  What can our community do to expedite the project?

Firstly use these to be in live communication with the Mobian community
sometimes I feel like we are isolated on the pine64 boards where there is only a loose connection to Mobian.

What can we do?  Those with the skills can contribute or fork the work on Clapper which seems to be the complete player which includes the gstreamer player demonstrated. https://github.com/Rafostar/clapper

Other devs can be encouraged to review the accelerated code but it might also be good to encourage Mobian to start moving all opengl compatible app compiles to target the system's hardware acceleration.
Just a FYI Clapper gstreamer plugin based video player is available now as a flatpak, I am not sure if the flatpak version is the GPU accelerated or if a special build was made for the link above.
Quick testing shows a little heat, smooth playback, subtitle support, plays a wide range of video formats(way better than the included Videos app based on Totem) .
This app is mobile optimized so appears with other mobile apps in phosh; it is easily accesses the SD card dir and open a locked/encrypted SD.
I have not tried any high bit-rate files and I have not done a battery life test but it already performs and interfaces better than any other player on a PP including Kodi and VLC.

I have not really watched video on a mobile device in quite a long time though I like having the option, it looks like I have a new favorite player.

Mobian is getting more everyday-driver friendly, we will have to see how this player affects battery life.

<edit> it looks like this flatpak version has the brian daniels opengl PP GPU(ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU) accel baked in https://github.com/Rafostar/clapper see the bottom of the page "Big thanks to bridadan and Uniformbuffer3 for helping with testing V4L2 and NVDEC hardware acceleration methods." https://briandaniels.me/2021/07/06/hardw...apper.html

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