Getting Started with the PinePhone Pro
Welcome to the PINE64 community and to the PinePhone Pro section! The following list is a selection of helpful links and starting points:


The documentation of the PinePhone Pro can be found under, including tutorials what to do in case of common issues (phone not booting, battery being drained) and how to flash the microSD card or eMMC.

Software releases

Software releases for the PinePhone Pro can be found in the wiki:

Note: Releases for the regular PinePhone are not compatible with the PinePhone Pro!


For ideas about how to contribute to community projects please see

Bug Reporting

For a list of where to report bugs please have a look at:


Any issues or open question? Join us at the bridged community channel and ask us, the friendly community is happy to help!

- Discord: channel #pinephone under
- IRC: #pinephone on Note: please consider Matrix, Discord or Telegram due to the volatile nature of IRC
- Matrix:
- Telegram:

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