Could an arm based pine 64 smaller than normal to go with the pinebook
I observe it is fascinating that there is a pinebook 64 to buy yet am feeling that it would be great to have a better quality arm based Pine Mini based freely as something almost identical to a macintosh smaller than expected or a Nuc PC as a task scaled down work area. The overall thought would be a usable smaller than expected arm PC of numerous utilizations suck as a Media box, enormous screen television web surfer, programming advancement gadget and different choices, for example, a media community. So not exactly a pc work area yet way further developed than an arm media focus and usable as a PC for say Arch Linux for pine arm advancement with a top of the line arm framework with a more current arm processor as they are cutting to the chase to be cutthroat with a X86 framework.
There is no definite answer as to whether or not an arm-based pine 64 smaller than normal could go with the pinebook, but it's a fascinating idea nonetheless. If you're curious about this topic, be sure to read on for more information.

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