Can't find pinephone pro camera in terminal
(06-15-2022, 08:35 PM)modx Wrote: Hey,
Just thought I'd throw out my findings. First I also have the "Failed to open entity imx258" error, it seems to be linked to finding the world camera.
I have had some success with the selfie camera(I changed the name of the app to ppp-cam) using

./ppp-cam -s selfie --exposure 15 --again 5 --dgain 5 -o ./pic.jpg -f jpg

It takes a jpg and places it in the same directory. without the gain and exposure set the pic comes out to dark to see. The pic does have a green hue to it. I have not had any luck with the --gui switch.

I'll post any more progress I come up with.


selfie working with high gain settings.

noticed when trying the --mode switch, it only had two; so program thinks the selfie is somehow the world camera?

just using the dev manjaro plasma image, have not tried building latest kernel.

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