Can't find pinephone pro camera in terminal
This are amazing news.

Anyone installed the new kernel and tested the cam app?

I tried with downloading the newest kernel 5.18 from manjaro with pacman, then the camera app from megi .
When trying to take a picture with:

Quote:./ppp-cam-202205291504-0.1 --gui --output /home/magdesign/Pictures/ --format jpg

It fails with:
Quote:ERROR: Failed to open entity imx258 1-001a: /dev/char/0:0

Is the camera not supported with kernel 5.18 installed via pacman, do I need to install the 5.18 kernel directly from megi.

Downloaded 5.18 kernel from megi, manually copied files to /boot and /lib, but I guess this is not how to install a kernel...

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RE: Can't find pinephone pro camera in terminal - by magdesign - 06-01-2022, 10:42 AM

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